Jace Wieser

Lead Technologist


  • Senior technology executive with over 25 years’ diverse experience, from hands-on software development to worldwide data center operations management.
  • Leads several projects overseeing long-term strategy for multi-tenant architecture in an agile development environment.
  • Created a new product and business line in 2013-14 using software development and web hosting technologies for less than 10% of the costs compared to 2008 and 1% of the costs compared to 2004.
  • Consolidated 6 worldwide data centers into a single center reducing costs by over $1 million per year.
  • Skilled at long-term strategies, creating robust products and converting legacy products into products with viable futures.
  • Experience creating and using neural network, linguistic, and semantic technologies.
  • Quickly evaluate organizational, procedural, and technical problems and develop solutions on time and under budget.
  • BS Computer Science, University of Oklahoma, with graduate studies at University of Texas and University of Phoenix.

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