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CVP takes pride in building an open, creative work environment that allows our employees to develop new solutions and individually thrive.

Our Culture

What our employees say about CVP:

  • Smart and engaged people
  • Highly collaborative and supportive
  • Respectful, professional, and collegial
  • Culture of inclusion and open communication
  • Flexibility in work/life balance
  • Everyone is willing to help
  • A lot of autonomy
  • Strong team environment

Our People

CVP has an incredible team of driven, innovative professionals that excel not only at work but outside the office as well. CVP takes every opportunity to get to know all employees and help them grow both as people and professionals. Through encounters in the office or at offsite events, all CVP employees form a collaborative culture and a healthy work environment. Come join us and meet our successful team!


Mo Adeyoju

Mo Adeyoju

Mo is the Director of CVP’s Customer Success Office. In this role, she is responsible for developing and maintaining operational processes that ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and delivery excellence.

Jorja Comer

Jorja Comer

Jorja is a lead business analyst and delivery manager for clients across the public health domain. She has 19 years of experience assessing missions, strategic goals, and customer needs.

Greg Flynn

Greg Flynn

Greg uses his 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity analysis, planning, and compliance, and hardware/software design engineering to secure networks and systems for CVP’s clients.

Dip Gada

Dip Gada

Dip is an innovative technologist, manager, and Certified Scrum Master with 15 years of experience building enterprise systems as a developer and architect.

Our Values

Intense Client Focus

CVP exists for the purpose of providing clients extraordinary service. Our individual actions must constantly reinforce that fact.

Mutual Respect

CVP requires that our associates treat each other following our standards of respect and professionalism.

Uncompromising Integrity

The cornerstone of a consulting firm is its reputation for communicating honestly and perpetuating an environment of trust.

Individual Responsibility and Growth

Our associates take an exceptional level of responsibility in developing trusted advisor relationships and growing the business.

For College Students: Navigate Your Career @ CVP

At CVP, we look for students with strong communication skills who are ready to tackle problems using critical thinking and analytical abilities. We value a mindset that’s always looking for a better way to innovate solutions and approach challenges. Below you’ll find some of our core strengths and reasons why working at CVP will be a valuable, enriching experience that will help you navigate your career.

@ CVP, you can:

  • Become part of a culture that recognizes individual achievement and encourages team companionship
  • Learn valuable skills from experienced professionals through our mentee program
  • Collaborate with other recent graduates and seasoned experts on projects of national significance
  • Get involved with the community and give back through CVP Cares
  • Benefit from an environment that supports and grows employees through engaging activities both in and out of the office

How CVP helps employees Navigate Their Careers: The CVP Mentor Program

CVP recognizes the importance of guidance and offers the CVP Mentor Program for employees wishing to work with their colleagues to pursue a greater understanding of a certain field or discipline–ranging from technical knowledge to interpersonal skills development. The program provides the mentee with time to learn, receive, and act upon guidance from their mentor in a particular area of expertise. Mentees are matched with CVP-trained mentors from specializations in 40 different areas of professional expertise. 




Software Developer

DHS Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
Modernizing an Information Sharing Module to allow our nation’s universities and program sponsors to support foreign students and exchange visitors.



Security Analyst

Security Operations Engineer, FSIS ISSP
Investigates suspicious online activity to determine if a cyber-attack is in progress then develops responses to shut down ongoing attacks and prevent new ones.”



Corporate Growth Analyst

Conducts competitive analysis on potential opportunities and coordinates proposal development efforts to win new contracts and grow CVP’s business.




Data analysis on how the new insurance payment structures for the public healthcare program affect physician behavior.

Need Assistance? If you need a reasonable accommodation to search for a job opening or to submit an application, please send an email with your resume to  or contact us by calling 703-345-9100. Please indicate the specifics of the assistance needed. This e-mail address is designed to assist disabled job seekers whose disability prevents them from applying online.

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