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CVP is a management and technology consulting company that helps organizations navigate disruption with innovative strategies and solutions and prepare for a culture of Continuous Change.

Message from the CVP CEO

I’ve been a management consultant for most of my career. The pace of change today is unprecedented. It is enabled by technology and embraced by society. Drivers such as changing demographics, government budget shifts, the quest for IT modernization and government regulations all contribute to continuous change.

To survive and thrive, organizations need to prepare for a tsunami of continuous change. To harness change, organizations are turning to modernized solutions that allow knowledge workers to rapidly synthesize customer needs and translate them into solutions that can be delivered rapidly. Business processes now prize uninterrupted collaboration, whether in app development, data analysis, information protection, or performance management.

At CVP, we’re driven and inspired by the dynamics of continuous change and modernized strategies, solutions and operations. While innovation is at the core of change, CVP is not led by tactics and technology alone; instead, CVP innovates from all angles, understanding our clients’ business problems and providing insights, strategies and solutions that solve the problem, driving better outcomes for the organization and all stakeholders.

We think of this as Navigating Change.

At any point while visiting the site, let us know how we might help you and your organization achieve your mission and vision. Just click on the “Connect with CVP” link to take the next step.

Change Happens. Continuously.  Are you and your organization ready?

We’re CVP,  Navigating Change.

Anirudh Kulkarni

Our Mission

Our mission is continuous: Help You Navigate Change

CVP’s mission is to help clients in healthcare, national security, and the private sector achieve their organizational and customer goals. In an ever-changing world, being able to keep up with the rapid pace of change can determine success or failure. Through a combination of strategic thought leadership and practical technological solutions, CVP helps our clients meet their transformation challenges.

We concentrate our efforts in creating tested, secure, and performance-enhancing solutions in key fields:

    • BizDevOps: Cadence-on-demand – Continuous Rigging for Lean Business
    • Big Data: Data Acceleration – Real-time Decision Making
    • Next Gen Architecture: Self-managed and Interoperable – Machine-centered Design
    • Secure Cloud: Ubiquitous Computing – Deliver Anywhere. Anytime. Any Channel
    • Cybersecurity: Threat Vigilance – Continuous Risk Management Through Information Security
    • OCM and Culture: Changing Behaviors – Enabling a Continuous Change Culture
    • Performance Transformation: Continuous Improvement – Data-driven Operations Optimization
    • Digital Convenience: Fulfilling Consumer Expectations – Next Generation Digital Models

By focusing on methodologies that help our clients overcome today’s barriers and bottlenecks while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow, CVP’s approach promotes continuous success and momentum for our clients to respond to the changes of the future.


We seek to be a firm known nationally for being a trusted advisor solving critical problems facing our country. In so doing, we also endeavor to be a sought out destination for passionate and talented professionals who share our core values and are united in a common culture that encompasses:

Intense Client Focus

CVP exists for the purpose of providing clients extraordinary service. Our individual actions must constantly reinforce that fact.

Individual Responsibility and Growth

Our associates take an exceptional level of responsibility in developing trusted advisor relationships and growing the business.

Uncompromising Integrity

The cornerstone of a consulting firm is its reputation for communicating honestly and perpetuating an environment of trust.

Mutual Respect

Our associates treat each other following our standards of respect and professionalism, creating a nurturing environment where the best ideas win, not the loudest voice.


CVP is based on a culture of teamwork, respect, and flexibility. With a collaborative and diverse work environment and a strong team of smart, engaged professionals, we pride ourselves on a culture that not only promotes inclusion and open communication, but also personal and professional growth.

CVP believes that through diversity an organization can truly leverage different viewpoints, expertise, and experience, creating a culture of mutual respect, professionalism, and collaboration. In other words, a better work environment and the best results for our clients. Everyone is part of the team, and everyone is willing to help. Because of this, there is never any shortage of support, and help is only a team member away.

CVP’s idea of Continuous Change also means that CVP team members are continuous learners and forward thinkers. CVP fosters the professional development of our employees.

CVP Cares

We not only help our clients Be Better, we also want to help the communities where we live and work Be Better.

Leadership Team

Anirudh Kulkarni

Anirudh Kulkarni


Anirudh is the founder and CEO of Customer Value Partners. He has more than 25 years' experience in business consulting, digital and organizational transformation, strategy development, and customer relationship management. 


Gus Vazquez

Gus Vazquez

Vice President, Corporate Growth

Gus leads CVP’s revenue and business growth team. He also has overseen enterprise projects for clients in the public and private sectors, especially information security and systems development.


Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Vice President, Delivery Operations

Lisa leads CVP’s drive for quality through the Center of Excellence and oversees our project management methodology and performance development plan.


Douglas Taphouse

Douglas Taphouse


Doug supervises corporate IT and knowledge management infrastructure, and lends his expertise as systems architect, scrum master, and project manager.



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