Performance Transformation

Continuous Improvement – Data-driven Operations Optimization

Tackling Business Operations Bottlenecks

How proactive are you at making sustained performance and operational improvement? Do you feel as if you are lurching from one special project to another, depending on which stakeholder’s voice is loudest, with no sustainable momentum created for the future?

Here at CVP, we build continuous improvement programs that examine customer experience, process inefficiency, and technology complexity to identify the root causes, and then prioritize solutions that provide the “biggest bang for buck.” We delve into data complexity and synthesize the outcomes into a strategic roadmap with prioritized actions and targets.

We often provide a client independent oversight of large outsourced operations to ensure outsourced vendors remain aligned with our clients’ strategic customer and operational goals.


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Our data-driven approach moves you past “rear-view-mirror” management and allows you to proactively shape future performance through analytics.

Success by Metrics

We deliver relevant metrics in an easy-to-understand format that is ready to be leveraged to ensure operational success.

Powerful Analytics

We uncover business intelligence that is actionable and can boost your organization’s performance.

Innovation: Incremental Performance Improvement

On a contact center quality monitoring contract, we developed a platform for data capture and analytics. We soon realized that it could support multiple projects with similar needs. After evaluating costs, benefits, and potential reuse, we invested to create a highly flexible, configurable environment to support future business and project needs. Two products were born: QMART™ and Business Insight (BI) Compass™.

The Quality Monitoring and Resolution Tracking™ system is our proprietary data aggregator that can easily collect inputs from a variety of data repositories and turn them into clean, usable data.

The Business Insight Compass is a customizable data analytics and visualization solution that allows our Six Sigma-trained analysts to rapidly assess customer and operational metrics, conduct root cause analysis as part of an ongoing quality improvement program, and keep managers informed about performance.

BI Compass™ helps create and customize dashboards that provide call center behavior insight and user-friendly scorecards. BI Compass is an extensible browser-based program that distributes performance reports automatically to users based on relevance and priority. It is predictive, identifying future trends and providing real-time feedback and solutions. Our new proprietary data analytics platform relies on SAP BusinessObjects as the core technology, and we are conducting ongoing evaluations of additional database and online analytics tools.

Representative Projects

Jumping to the Cloud to Smooth Migration


CVP performed AWS cloud migration to minimize the effects of a data center move. As a part of the transition, we evaluated, recommended, and helped in the adoption of a mature and well-documented, industry-accepted security profile and standard that applied security requirements across all layers of the solution architecture from physical security to application security. Ultimately, in support of cloud-based service interoperability, our quick stand-up time minimized productivity loss and ensured strict security compliance while mitigating risk.


Creating an Application on a Data Cloud that Covers the Nation


CVP guided a high-profile data project through its first application cloud transition for Medicaid. Ensuring compliance with federal security standards for a complex and multi-faceted migration, we implemented all elements of the 3-Zone Architecture for development, test, implementation, and production environments. Our end-to-end migration support spanned from configuration and setup, to initial virtual server provisioning, to stand-up and testing of each distinct environment. We engineered the cloud solution to integrate with various platforms (three distinct services, portals, and enterprise-wide systems), enabling access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. By implementing across multiple servers, we achieved rapid elasticity and failover, and applied security requirements across all layers, leading to an Authority to Operate. The end-to-end cycle was achieved in less than 90 days. With the vast size, scope, and diversity of data extraction required, the system will eventually hold 20+ years of reports from over 42 states.

Optimizing Performance Through Data-based Quality Management

For a federal health care agency that assists with health insurance enrollment, CVP used its data analytics solution for performance management, BI Compass, that tracked activities across 29 national field offices and 350 enrollment reps. Our web-based tool captured operations data from over 40,000 consumer encounters in the first 6 months, including geographic analytics to isolate performance metrics by zip code. Our comprehensive data collection and trend analysis delivered a higher level of data fidelity, based on key metrics, which ultimately drove significant operational improvements. The agency relocated offices to be closer to high demand areas and increase convenience.

Meet Featured CVPros

Marquis Payne

Marquis Payne

Senior Manager

CSM, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Co-lead of the Big Data Community of Innovation. Executes data-based performance optimization for continuous improvement.


Michelle Traxel

Michelle Traxel

Executive Director, Health Operations and Analytics

Michelle leads Quality Services at CVP, ensuring consistency in processes and procedures across all our divisions.


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