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Changing Behaviors — Enabling a Continuous Change Culture

“There’s a New OCM in Town, and It Includes Culture”

If management expects to steer through Continuous Change, it needs more than an Organizational Change Management (OCM) plan for success. While OCM has been around for a long time, CVP focuses on company culture as a key factor in improving chances of success.  All tech projects are essentially business and people projects. Culture is the foundation for anything that’s done in technology.

At CVP, we see the need for continuous delivery in an agile world, providing a modernized approach to the long-term focus on change management. Not just change management – a cultural and organizational behavioral change, changing behaviors and enabling a Continuous Change Culture.

With technology and operations changing at a rapid pace, organizations can no longer wait a year or more to change. They must promote a culture and environment that allows for continuous adoption of change.

Innovation: ADAPT C3 (Continuous Change Culture)

CVP ADAPT C3Our Continuous Change management playbook – ADAPT C3 – is particularly tailored for today’s agile environments. Top performing scrum teams are not simply good at writing user stories, organizing epics, and operating in sprints. The most successful operations have cracked the code on how to change their culture and environment to embrace Continuous Change. The ADAPT C3 playbook comprises the following:

  • Conduct a rapid discovery and analysis to assess an organization’s readiness for Continuous Change, identify blockers, and determine capacity for change
  • Establish the shared intention and strategy for the future state, which helps map out a set of specific requirements
  • Align strategy with organizational goals
  • Identify and start building the leadership coalition to support the change effort

With this roadmap in hand, the team can proceed to translate it into action. The next steps may require dealing with two other fundamental programs.

Training: The Cornerstone of Better Operations

Well-designed and delivered training programs are the lynch pin of any successful operation execution. Our trainers combine best practices, such as the ADDIE training model, with creative, blended learning techniques. Our proven approach includes:

  • Continuously improving staff performance through mentoring and coaching, especially for key personnel that serve as accelerators of adoption
  • Creating an enduring capability through effective training program management
  • Shortening learning curves with on-demand e-learning programs

Strategic Communications: Effective Outreach Creates Engagement

Reaching target audiences with the right messaging at the right time is an art. CVP develops compelling messaging and uses dynamic communication methods to reach the widest audience and have impact. Our creative approach includes:

  • Enhancing engagement through conference calls, webinars, and facilitation
  • Delivering critical messaging through email canvassing
  • Improving interaction opportunities through event planning and facilitation
  • Reinforcing the message with a strategy of public speaking engagements and roadshows


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Representative Projects

Turning Around Customer Service Performance



A healthcare insurance company’s customer service center (CSC) was not achieving call accuracy and efficiency performance goals. Management called in CVP. We created a performance management roadmap. Our vision was to completely change the customer service operating model to one that views everything (people, process and technology enablement) through the eyes of the customer. CVP collected data and interviewed key personnel before designing and developing each course. We delivered 12 traditional instructor-led training workshops for skill-set development. Using adult learning techniques, customer service reps practiced, reinforced, and integrated skills acquired in each workshop. We also turned several workshops into e-learning training modules. In less than 12 months, the CSC built an environment focused on performance management and continuous performance improvement, earning multiple service quality awards.


Creating a Customer Service Ethos from Scratch



While designing and implementing a new enterprise-wide Oracle customer relationship management system for a federal financial agency preparing to sell financial products, CVP also had to lay the groundwork for virtual customer service. In just 12 months, CVP created a strong coalition with management and change agents from all levels of the organization. We developed a strategic roadmap with clear vision, goals, boundaries and scope. We established a change management program and executed a training and education program. The agency’s new business line led to a total transformation of the customer-centric service model throughout the agency.


Meet Featured CVPros

Linda Slack

Linda Slack

OCM and Culture Lead

Leads the Training and Outreach Community of Innovation. Specialized in communications, instructional design, interactive facilitation, and performance management.


Tamara Guthrie

Tamara Guthrie


Supervises high-profile programs for applications development, content management systems, operational support, and business process improvement.


Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Vice President, Delivery Operations

Lisa leads CVP’s drive for quality through the Center of Excellence and oversees our project management methodology and performance development plan.


Cathy Thomas

Cathy Thomas

Training Manager

20 years of experience supporting private and government projects, from enterprise resource planning rollouts, to system upgrades, to post go-live optimization.


Making Hiring “Sticky”

Retaining employees who can navigate constant change in the business and technology landscape is critical. When and how the company approaches employee engagement and company culture makes a big difference for an employee and the team.

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