Threat Vigilance – Continuous Risk Management Through Information Security

Navigating Change through Cybersecurity:

CVP’s Cybersecurity Practice Expands ’Predict.Prevent.Protect” Approach

Cybersecurity requires innovative and continuous security services to manage risk and improve overall security posture. The CVP Cybersecurity practice embodies this requirement through our ‘Predict. Prevent. Protect.’ approach that delivers service across five domains: Security Operations, Cloud Security, Security Automation, Risk Management, and Cyber Defense. Our cybersecurity program management techniques employ lean, streamlined operations and provide the ability to dynamically manage competing and changing priorities in budget constrained environments.

The success of CVP’s cybersecurity practice is defined through harnessing the power of Machine Learning and Automation, enhancing communication and workflow, saving time and money with automated security assessments, and creating a framework for continuous improvement.

CVP’s cybersecurity practice strengthens our client’s security posture through the following key areas:

  • Deliver more sophisticated security analysis and threat hunting functions using our “Anticipate. Automate. Prevent.” Intelligence Driven Approach (AAPIDA) for Security Operations.
  • Improve visibility into unknown risks by leveraging the right Machine Learning technology
  • Streamline workflows using an automated security assessment approach that provides for continuously visible and measurable activity tracking
  • Create a more educated and empowered workforce with the implementation of our Cyber Delivery Range

“Anticipate. Automate. Prevent.”

Our “Anticipate. Automate. Prevent.” Intelligence Driven Approach (AAPIDA) for Security Operations triggers a multi-tool automated approach to communication, containment, eradication, and recovery based on the type of alert/incident. Our AAPIDA model shifts the manual, human-based process and event analysis to machine based intelligent automation. This reduces the response and containment times from minutes/hours to a matter of seconds, allowing staff to perform more sophisticated security analysis and threat hunting functions.

Automated Security Assessment

The delivery of a dynamic next generation vision to security assessment heavily leverages inherited/common control implementation and automated workflows for security control testing. This automated security assessment approach provides for continuously visible and measurable activity tracking of all security assessment activities. The overall automation saves organizations money by reducing the amount of time spent by system staff supporting the assessment through data pulls, system walkthroughs, or interviews.

Cyber Delivery Range

CVP’s Cyber Delivery Range is a dynamic environment available to our clients for cybersecurity services such as threat intelligence, malware processing, and reverse engineering. The ‘range’ provides a training and event center for both our employees and clients to learn, demonstrate proficiency, and engage with security tools, playbooks, and processes, thus creating an educated workforce that comes to work ready, willing, and able to exceed the standard.


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Representative Projects

Protecting Enterprise Systems from Cyber Threats


CVP manages the security operations center (SOC) of a food inspection agency that has a workforce of over of 11,000 employees and contractors that operates nationwide. Because three quarters of the workforce is mobile working on-site inspections across the country, CVP handles security operations and incident handling with an integrated, multidisciplinary team that does not disrupt critical public health-related business operations. We hunt threats, prevent attacks, and respond to security incidents with tools and processes aligned with federal policies and guidelines. Each month, we analyze thousands of security events and respond to 30 declared incidents a month on average. Our plan safeguards operations, stops unauthorized access, protects against malware, prevents data loss, ensures availability, and eases network management. Our SOC team has better situational awareness and can use event and threat information to better assess and mitigate the risk.

Restructuring an Enterprise Security Program

CVP helped a federal financial management agency restructure its cybersecurity program. CVP started a vulnerability scanning program customized to the agency’s environment and made it into a defined, repeatable, and scheduled operation. We defined the agency’s set of common controls and introduced system owners and stakeholders to the integration of enterprise controls into previously insular security plans. We worked collaboratively to structure a mitigation tracking plan; define standards; map a common set of fields, terms, and methods; and distribute templates for consolidated use by the organization.

Remediating Security Weaknesses
A health insurance contractor had failed several external security audits. It brought in CVP to rewrite its System Security Plan to address audit red flags and achieve compliance with federal guidelines and regulations. CVP provided security expertise and technical writing to assist the Systems Security Officer and system owners with the review and development of the info sec program, policies, standards, and procedures. We also produced the lifecycle documentation required to meet federal requirements. In less than 60 days, CVP helped re-establish system boundaries and common controls, and document control implementations, clearing all audit findings.
Supporting System Security Authorization
CVP carried out a security assessment and authorization (A&A) program for the federal agency. CVP developed a standardized methodology across the organization, engaging and integrating all stakeholders. Our support included package creation, testing and delivery; developing and refining A&A policy, procedures and guidelines; and compliance monitoring. CVP tracked and maintained data relevant to Federal Information Security Management Act reporting, including system inventories, mitigation tracking plans, and self-assessments. We also updated all A&A package components to comply with new federal standards. This work included reworking the Continuity of Operations, Contingency, and Disaster Recovery plans.

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