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Delivering Around the Clock

BizDevOps brings together an organization’s business, development, and operations teams for a comprehensive approach, breaking down silos within an organization to eliminate toil and engineer a holistic and more cost-effective solution.

CVP determines the current state of the business and development operations and helps our clients achieve their BizDevOps transformation goal. We provide continuous integration, delivery, deployment, communication, and business value, from requirements to realization, engaging everyone so they feel involved all the time. Achieving maximum value requires continuous rigging – business, operations, and development people working together within an automated pipeline to provide customers with valuable software.

Some key components to CVP’s BizDevOps approach are:

  • Technology: a value pipeline to get from requirements to runtime with a common communication platform and performance monitoring
  • Organization: an organizational culture embracing change and a desire for the whole organization to succeed
  • Strategy: agile processes applied to everything from software to operations to security
  • Process: automation of everything, thoughtful enhancements, and efficient resource allocation

Innovation: Assessments and Labs

CVP focuses on a Voice of Customer approach and has innovated a BizDevOps Maturity Model and Company Assessment that assesses (1) the organization’s maturity level in a consistent and repeatable manner and (2) its understanding about where the organization is and where they want to be. This evaluation leads to a customized roadmap that lays out all the steps needed to get the organization where they want to be moving forward.

We’ve established our Development Operations (DevOps) Lab as an incubator where all of our developers can experiment with innovative techniques and tools to expand our capabilities. While we do not limit the choice of investigation in the Lab, we ask that all projects include a side goal of increasing our inventory of capabilities and on improving our readiness to take on these competitive development challenges. As our innovators pursue their individual goals, we leverage their advances by including baselined versions our library of capabilities.


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Representative Projects

Making an Agile Delivery Pipeline More Efficient

Working on, CVP has led the initiative towards continuous code integration and configuration in an agile environment using a mix of tools and technologies. We have advocated for the development of robust DevOps capabilities by implementing continuous integration, testing, and deployment with the open source CloudBees Jenkins platform for continuous delivery. Our implementation comprises design and architecture for the installation, configuration, governance, technical training, and preparation for rollout of products.

Blending Agile Development Methods in a Structured Environment
In a complicated enterprise environment that had strict procedures for application and system development, CVP developed a strategy to improve applications, create a standard development lifecycle process, and consolidate applications on a modernized technology platform. CVP has reduced the number of applications from 38 to 28. CVP has applied an approach based on mature agile development and continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, performance-based assessment and quality controls. The work still complies with the overarching project management guidance, IT strategic plan, and enterprise architecture of the organization.



Laying Down the Tracks for Smooth Delivery
After taking over an application suite and centralized database with government-wide impact, CVP set up a DevOps environment to automate the development and delivery pipeline, from code-in through deployment. We also sought to improve code quality by standardizing source code control, developing work flow, and introducing code quality and testing tools. We migrated the development and DevOps environments to a cloud service provider. CVP was among the first contractors to receive full approval from the Cloud Change Control Board at this federal agency.


Meet Featured CVPros

Tim Regulski

Tim Regulski

Lead Technologist

Fine-tuned his enterprise expertise on virtual and cloud architectures by helping to pioneer new applications in healthcare. Also software, web, and mobile design, and development.


Shamaa Ahmad

Shamaa Ahmad


Manages quality assurance testing, automation, continuous integration, and delivery efforts. Coordinates CVP's Strategic Solutions Initiatives program.


Enrico Bermudez

Enrico Bermudez

Director, Military Health Solutions

Enrico focuses on Department of Defense customers, including the Defense Health Agency, and Defense Health Management System Programs.


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