Big Data

Data Acceleration – Real-Time Decision Making

Data Has Become Ubiquitous

Big Data is a term that has been thrown around in weighty sales pitches. But here at CVP, we see that our world is increasingly producing and sharing data. Streaming from all aspects of daily life, today’s data is high volume, high velocity, and high complexity. But most importantly, it is high value and high impact if partnered with the right business intelligence and advanced analytics to deliver meaningful relevance. But it’s not just the vast volume of data that is new: it’s our ability to identify what matters and do more with it.

With the boon of data comes advanced capabilities in information and knowledge engineering so the differentiator is Data Acceleration as a key factor in real-time decision making.

The age of Big Data is affecting all enterprises, from healthcare and financial services to energy and manufacturing. As a result, there is an increased need for sophistication and speed in delivering intelligent insights. The technology world is accelerating into automation and real-time decision analytics.The benefits of advanced analytics include:

  • Real-time decision insights – for empowered, transparent decision-making
  • Competitive advantage – for improved business models, products and services
  • Performance optimization – for greater efficiency and impact
  • Deeper customer engagement – for advanced understanding and insight
  • Threat and fraud prevention – for faster targeting of risk

Innovation: Big Data and Predictive Analytics Labs

CVP has pioneered our Big Data and Predictive Analytics labs as seedbeds for experimental analytics. Our technologists continuously imagine, prototype, and test new capabilities – from machine learning to viability assessments – that address future customer needs and emerging technology. Using our labs as launching pads for solution development, CVP’s Data Acceleration approach focuses on six primary solution frameworks:

  • Serverless Analytics
  • Business Intelligence – our proprietary BI Compass product
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing
  • Real-time Decision Analytics
  • Geospatial Analytics

CVP has leveraged our Data Acceleration Big Data solution for several customers to achieve tangible performance improvements.


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Representative Projects

Transforming Raw Data for BI Analytics

Medicaid was struggling with vast, varied, and unstructured data streaming from 38 state agencies due to reporting requirements for pilot healthcare programs. Each state reported data inconsistently, varying in type and format. CVP developed a comprehensive performance metrics database that captured, streamlined, and transformed data into decision-ready analytics. Our Data Acceleration solution incorporated both mixed-methods advanced analytics and advanced search functionality to quickly target the right data. CVP’s efforts resulted in faster, cleaner data aggregation and analytics that eases the client’s process bottlenecks and saves operational costs across the board.

Boosting Customer Understanding with Predictive Analytics

A mobile wireless company was looking for ways to better serve customers while increasing profitability and reducing customer attrition. CVP analyzed over 50 characteristics of almost 5 million past and present wireless subscribers. We developed a predictive analytics model that calculated survival curves, providing critical insights on expected customer lifetimes, 30-day churn risk, risk-adjusted lifetime value, and expected impacts on customer satisfaction. As a result of CVP’s advanced analytics model, the client targeted the most important factors for increasing customer retention, boosting profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Harnessing Machine Learning to Discover Secrets Hidden in Data

CVP developed and integrated a sophisticated data search, analysis, collaboration, and correlation platform for text and rich media analytics powered by machine learning for a national security agency. CVP tapped into HP Autonomy IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) search engine’s artificial intelligence to detect and analyze patterns and trends in 150 languages and 1000 data formats encompassing text, video, image, and audio, and unstructured data.

The system’s knowledge discovery feature frees users from having to know what questions to ask beforehand. IDOL builds on machine learning and deep neural network algorithms to recognize patterns, trends, and relationships hidden within the data. IDOL’s approach combines sophisticated probabilistic modeling with natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to extract concepts and insights from written or spoken language in a fully automated and highly accurate manner. Unlike NLP technology, which focuses solely on linguistics, IDOL follows a language-independent, statistical approach to understanding human information that is fine-tuned by the use of linguistics.

The application is deployed in a Top Secret intelligence community computing environment, which required rigorous authentication and authorization. CVP created a core software architecture founded on role-based security and on data segregation and isolation. Incoming data must be segregated into separate visibility groups based on need-to-know, and duties/roles were clearly separated between administrative, supervisory, and standard analyst users.

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