What We Do

CVP focuses on the business problem, applying targeted strategies and innovative solutions to drive Continuous Change in our key Practices and markets.

CVP provides targeted strategies and innovative technological solutions that identify business and organization challenges and goes beyond mere responsiveness to market dynamics. We pinpoint the leverage points for delivering value, from using agile development techniques, to deploying new applications with minimum disruption, to applying machine learning to improve real-time decision support, to safeguarding information assets against outside threats.

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Gearing Up for Competitive Healthcare Market

A Midwestern health insurance provider needed to upgrade its customer relationship management strategy driven by the startup of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and increased competition from other healthcare plans. It also had to implement a…

Training Customer Service Reps by the Numbers

In the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, a federal program needed to assist socio- and economically- disadvantaged populations enroll in qualified healthcare insurance plans. CVP implemented a performance management, quality assurance, and data analytics solution to

Management to Enable Digital Transformation

For a major media company, CVP led the development of a strategic roadmap and portfolio management solution to improve overall IT functional effectiveness through improved portfolio optimization, effective budgeting and governance, and improved management of critical initiatives.

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