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  • Q&A with Dr. David Bray (Pt. 3 of 3) April 19, 2018
    There is no textbook for where our organizations or societies are going next with the rapid, exponential changes in technology and services possible as a result. The next seven years will see more change than the last 20 years combined in terms of network devices, data on the planet, and computational capabilities.
    Anirudh Kulkarni
  • Q&A with Dr. David Bray (Pt. 2 of 3) April 11, 2018
    In this second of three special blog posts, our founder and CEO, Anirudh Kulkarni, asks David Bray a few questions about the topic of his talk.
    Anirudh Kulkarni
  • Q&A with Dr. David Bray (Pt. 1 of 3) April 6, 2018
    Dr. David Bray’s keynote is entitled “Needed Now More Than Ever: Positive #ChangeAgents Across Sectors” and will focus on why and how we all can be change agents in our rapidly changing world while highlighting meaningful multi-sector strategies for delivering results differently and better.
    Anirudh Kulkarni
  • CVP Adds Okta Alliance to Strengthen Cloud-Based Identity Management Systems March 21, 2018
    CVP, a leading business and technology consulting company, has partnered with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, making Okta’s solutions available to CVP’s customers to help with their identity management, governance challenges and modernization needs.
    Mark Feldman
  • CVP Modernization Framework: Build an Adaptable Infrastructure (Pt. 3 of 3) March 16, 2018
    We carefully evaluate various strategies including a lift and shift ( re-host in cloud) alongside opportunistic migrations (re-architect, replace, and/or retire targeted systems) to design and plan the transition.
    Raj Hegde
  • CVP, GW Join Forces for On-going Speaker Series March 15, 2018
    CVP has partnered with The George Washington University (GW), to create an ongoing speaker series focused on change, technology innovation, and entrepreneurship.
    Mark Feldman
  • CVP Awarded Alliant 2 Small Business GWAC March 9, 2018
    CVP, a business and technology consulting company, has been awarded the Alliant 2 Small Business Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) to provide federal agencies with a broad range of IT services and integrated IT solutions that align with the Federal Enterprise Architecture.
    Mark Feldman
  • DevOps Quest: Application Selection February 20, 2018
    Kevin Raymond
  • CVP Wins DHS Post Tracking System Contract February 7, 2018
    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Protection and Program Directorate (NPPD), Federal Protective Service (FPS) has awarded CVP a multi-year contract to develop, integrate, and manage its Post Tracking System (PTS).
    Mark Feldman
  • What Should Data Scientists Do to Save on Your Healthcare Costs? February 1, 2018
    There are about four billion health insurance claims processed in the United States, and the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates a loss of $56.7 to $170 billion annually, leading to higher health care costs and taxes.
    Yuwei Zhang

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