National Security

Solutions to protect our country and preserve its freedoms

CVP’s National Security Solutions

As the world progresses further into the digital age, new threats to our national security are emerging. CVP provides solutions to help our clients prepare for and respond to threats, and to take proactive steps to prevent them from occurring.

Our work with the Department of State (DOS) supports diplomatic security initiatives and public diplomacy initiatives that improve our country’s image across the world. By modernizing the IT architecture in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), CVP helps to expedite information sharing that enables officers to assess potential security risks from persons visiting the United States. To face the next wave of national security threats, CVP’s solutions will help our government be prepared.

Our clients include the Departments of State, Defense, and Homeland Security.


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Representative Projects

Securing Data in Transit

CVP provides operations and maintenance support for an existing data service that distributes student and visitor visa information across the federal government and to thousands of universities and training centers. CVP is also leading the design, development, and support for a new information sharing system that will improve performance, reliability, and security by using microservices through MuleSoft technology.

Improving the Efficiency and Reliability of Data Hand-offs Across the Country

CVP worked to improve the reliability and performance of the data interface to a microservices-based architecture using our AgEnt development process.

Routing Freight Around the World Cost-effectively and Efficiently

CVP oversees a global enterprise system that assists with air clearance and shipping for cargo for the three branches of the Armed Forces. The system provides a unified, web-automated information system for the clearance of air-eligible cargo moving through the Defense Transportation System. It also provides management and budgeting functions to facilitate the tracking and management of transportation funds.

Managing the Workflow of Blood Supplies for the Military

CVP oversees the management system that underpins the Armed Services Blood Program. We manage IT support and maintenance for two systems, one for transfusions and the other for donors. These systems automate information work flow for about 58 transfusion service centers and 20 blood donor centers across all three branches and around the world. Fostering Tri-Service collaboration, CVP promotes IT integration into the daily business practices of the military blood community.

Analyzing a Portfolio of Investment Projects

CVP developed and set up a suite of processes, tools, and analytical approaches to perform strategic portfolio planning and management, and to align agency goals with newly defined mission components and focus areas. CVP used the system to analyze a $2 billion portfolio for insight into each of 120+ programs, their quarterly results, financial status, and potential risks. CVP determined the effectiveness of program investments, defined strategic initiatives to address gaps in business and technical capabilities, identified corrective actions for underperforming programs, and developed decision support capabilities to support leadership quarterly program reviews.

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