Preparing Your Organization for a Culture of Continuous Change

CVP has served federal, state, and local governments, as well as corporations, as they tackle some of the most challenging issues of our time. From identifying and mitigating cyber and physical threats to unmasking fraud and abuse in healthcare, we immerse ourselves in each client’s organizational mission.

In CVP’s early days, we honed our skills working in dynamic commercial business verticals. Then, we channeled that experience and thinking to help government deal with challenges and change. Now, Continuous Change is impacting public and private sectors at an accelerated pace. CVP’s approach is to create a road map to resolve client problems, execute legacy technologies, and set a course toward adaptable, scalable solutions ready for the future.

Beyond government, we’ve helped corporations and private initiatives resolve major bottlenecks in their operations, including Blue Cross-Blue Shield, CVS-Caremark, Aflac, AOL, Cricket Communications, McGraw-Hill Companies, and Business Executives for National Security.

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