Management to Enable Digital Transformation

For a major media company, CVP led the development of a strategic roadmap and portfolio management solution to improve overall IT functional effectiveness through improved portfolio optimization, effective budgeting and governance, and improved management of critical initiatives. These techniques included financial systems upgrades, digital publishing, social media, content management, data center consolidation, and technology standardization. Developing the portfolio of IT investments and applications gave the CIO deeper insight into the active project portfolio across six businesses accounting for over $100 million in annual spending. Because CVP identified opportunities for realignment, efficiency, and improved effectiveness, the CIO could assess the appropriateness of new IT-related investments proposed by the business units and define the five-year investment plan.

CVP guided the CIO in support of a large-scale application and server migration, effectively consolidating the service architecture of six business units and creating a shared services-oriented architecture (SOA) at the corporate level. This step eliminated the duplication of services and dramatically reduced operating costs. CVP applied the solutions framework, based on SOA principles, to all applications being migrated. CVP moved data storage and processing operations to the cloud, using Amazon Web Services.

For a business magazine subsidiary, CVP led the efforts of four agile development teams, including one offshore team, to launch a new social news offering scaled for 5 million unique visitors. We pioneered techniques to implement Agile-at-Scale capabilities, including coaching business users to develop their operational processes in an agile framework.

“Over the last five years, CVP has become a trusted IT advisor… at the corporate and business unit level. From managing our IT portfolio and data center move to providing program management support in the development, implementation, and deployment of a Web 2.0 platform, and the rolling out an SOA, CVP consistently delivers and exceeds expectations. CVP not only used Agile methodologies to guide many IT projects, but trained our team on the nuances of going beyond just software development. Their dedication and focus on innovation in every initiative has been invaluable.”

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