Department of Commerce (DOC)

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Joint Venture

CVP has been selected as a Joint Venture Partner (JVP) with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS).

The NTIS is authorized to enter into joint ventures with private sector entities to offer innovative data services and share in revenues in accordance with their contribution to the joint venture. NTIS accelerates private sector use of Federal Government data to develop and use new and improved data products and services, and to use Federal Government data to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of programs.

The NTIS helps federal agencies make better decisions about data, with data. They provide support and structure that helps their partners securely store, analyze, sort, and aggregate data in new ways. Learn more about NTIS here.

Scope of the Contract

CVP offers new capabilities for deriving knowledge and insights from data by delivering new and improved products and services to facilitate data discovery, analysis, interoperability, and use. CVP will collaborate with NTIS to provide to Federal agency customers unique data services that are not readily suitable for contracts by virtue of complexity, required time to market, and extensive use of emerging technologies and open source tools. The CVP JVP leverages expertise in applied data science areas, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and cybersecurity, to assist the Federal government in leveraging data as a strategic asset to achieve Federal agency mission outcomes.

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