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Navigating Change 2018

Is it already 2018? The relentless march of time continues, but at a continuously changing pace. As CVP enters its 15th year, it is hard to wrap my head around how much has changed since we started the business in 2003…

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Change is Continuous. Adapting Shouldn’t Hurt.

Many organizations have examined how change – planned and unexpected – has impacted their culture, their staff, and their productivity. As a result, Organizational Change Management (OCM) has become an important component of all corporate endeavors.

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Making Hiring “Sticky”

Retaining employees who can navigate constant change in the business and technology landscape is critical. When and how the company approaches employee engagement and company culture makes a big difference for an employee and the team.

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CVP is Navigating Change

Change is continuous. CVP is ready and is responding with new solutions and strategies to prepare organizations for a culture of continuous change.

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