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Seven Principles of Innovation at CVP

The word innovation is a hot term these days, but real innovation cannot just be a buzzword. Companies that want to use technology to do things differently require an understanding of the underlying principles that create and foster innovation.

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Q&A with Dr. David Bray (Pt. 3 of 3)

There is no textbook for where our organizations or societies are going next with the rapid, exponential changes in technology and services possible as a result. The next seven years will see more change than the last 20 years combined in terms of network devices, data on the planet, and computational capabilities.

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Q&A with Dr. David Bray (Pt. 1 of 3)

Dr. David Bray’s keynote is entitled “Needed Now More Than Ever: Positive #ChangeAgents Across Sectors” and will focus on why and how we all can be change agents in our rapidly changing world while highlighting meaningful multi-sector strategies for delivering results differently and better.

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DevOps Quest: Application Selection

This is the first in a series of six “DevOps Quests” we will undertake together. Why a quest? DevOps is a never-ending journey and we are searching for knowledge to help us along the way, plus quests are fun and everyone can use a little adventure! Great, yeah? Oh,...

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Navigating Change 2018

Is it already 2018? The relentless march of time continues, but at a continuously changing pace. As CVP enters its 15th year, it is hard to wrap my head around how much has changed since we started the business in 2003…

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Change is Continuous. Adapting Shouldn’t Hurt.

Many organizations have examined how change – planned and unexpected – has impacted their culture, their staff, and their productivity. As a result, Organizational Change Management (OCM) has become an important component of all corporate endeavors.

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Making Hiring “Sticky”

Retaining employees who can navigate constant change in the business and technology landscape is critical. When and how the company approaches employee engagement and company culture makes a big difference for an employee and the team.

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