CVP is Navigating Change

by | Jun 15, 2017

Nearly two months ago, CVP launched the “Navigating Change Blog” as the beginning of a dialogue about continuous change. How organizations respond to change can determine success or failure. We think of this shift as Navigating Change.

At CVP, we are experiencing change and responding in these ways:

  • Creating innovative strategies and solutions that focus on an organization’s appetite for creating a culture of Continuous Change. Learn more here
  • Updating CVP’s brand, including a new logo and tagline: “Navigating Change.” These two words reflect much of CVP’s value for nearly 15 years and will continue to as change accelerates. Helping clients navigate change and prepare for the future is central to what CVP does.  Watch a new video here
  • Redesigning and launching a brand new website focused on the user experience, including expanded interactivity, fresh content, and videos. Navigate your way here 
  • Using video to provide deeper insight into CVP’s strategic and technology solutions and the professionals behind them. Watch and subscribe on CVP’s YouTube channel here
  • Engage, like, share and comment in CVP’s social media channels (located on the top of every page on
  • Read thought-leadership, practical tips and advice from CVP’s team of strategists and technologists at the “Navigating Change Blog.” Click here to subscribe

Change Happens. Continuously.  Are you and your organization ready?

We’re CVP, Navigating Change.

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  1. Paul Carpilio

    Having just stood up a measurable change management practice I can tell you that early engagement is key along with a multidirectional approach to change absorption across the enterprise. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all approach”! – ADKAR / PROSCI provide great frameworks but knowing and understanding your audience is paramount.

    • Anirudh Kulkarni

      Paul: You are correct. Change is easier with an engaged workforce. Humans are resilient and will go to great lengths to change behavior if they believe in the leadership, the direction, and see benefit to themselves (in the broadest sense of the word). But since every human is different, their response to change is different as well. One thought: Work on the vocal naysayers first, get them on your side, and the rest gets easier. Related thought: If that doesn’t work, you will unfortunately need to get them off the bus quickly as well.

    • Josh

      Well said!


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