Markets We Serve: An Overview – Navigating Change in National Security, Healthcare, and the Public Sector

by | Jul 19, 2018

Some people think that change happens slowly in the federal government, but we at CVP have found that the health and national security markets are quite dynamic, with the federal agencies responsible for managing, monitoring, and servicing these markets focused on becoming faster moving and more dynamic than ever before. The healthcare market, for example, has changed over the last several years due to regulatory and policy-related changes: think Affordable Care Act. In the national security market, the variety of demands associated with public policy, immigration, and safety require the transformation of agencies within this market. Their need to provide a greater level of security and service to the public has led to many modernization efforts and the adoption of new, leading-edge technologies.

Change as a Holistic Process

At CVP, we help our clients in these markets prepare for change by helping them understand that change is a holistic process. Change does not simply mean going out and buying new technology. It’s important to look at how organizations do business, how they operate, and what change means for their acquisition approaches. The goal is to make organizations nimbler than they’ve been in the past so they can build a culture of continuous change.

Change also means that organizations need to consider that their technical infrastructures must evolve to use more modern technology. We’ve seen this with how our federal customers are focusing on migrating to the cloud. It’s a good first step, but still only a first step. Organizations need to leverage the underlying capabilities within the cloud services to truly move toward the future.

Moving Beyond “Lift & Shift”

Many organizations are taking what is called a “lift and shift” approach: moving existing systems from agency-run data centers to cloud-based servers. However, “lift and shift” does not let organizations take advantage of the advanced features available within the cloud. Some of these features include: dynamic reallocation of resources, automatic data archival, and greater capability for data analytics. We help our clients move beyond a “lift and shift” approach to optimize the use of these advanced cloud capabilities.

At CVP, not only do we help organizations modernize their operations, but we also look at how we can help them maximize their success by bringing in new IT processes. We are always seeking ways to  help  our clients identify where they can improve their processes to achieve greater operational efficiencies.

Finally, in the drive towards modernization, we work with our clients to identify new technologies that can dramatically improve how they perform. Technology, such as blockchain, robotic process automation, and machine learning are beginning to take hold and our clients are excited about how these technologies can significantly change and improve their operations.

Overcoming Budget Issues

One of the major challenges for the markets we serve has been, and will always be, the budget. Keeping existing technology running takes a lot of time, effort, and money. It’s difficult to free-up funds to focus on modernization. Yes, Congress has allocated $500 million for modernization, but that’s just the “tip of the iceberg” of the kind of funding needed.

To help our clients leverage a share of that money, we look at their current technology footprint to see if they can reduce their operations and maintenance costs and use that cost savings to implement newer, more modernized technologies. Reducing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs is a way to create surplus money for investing in the future. In addition to reducing operations costs, we help our clients look for lower cost alternatives by implementing open-source technology that does not have the expensive license costs associated with some of the older technologies.

Focus on People

CVP understands that change is difficult. Often people feel that change can be achieved by updating technology, and ignoring business processes or operations. Ultimately, technology, and its outcomes, exists to serve those who need the services: the people. Yet, this is often the one area that gets overlooked.

Our approach emphasizes organizational change management so we can identify how our clients, and the people within an organization, can adopt new technologies more easily. We often hear from customers that we are the only vendor to articulate how our proposed strategies will impact not only the organization, but its people. From our perspective, “How do we deal with the impact to the people?” is the most important question in any technology initiative.

Greater levels of training and operational optimizations are ways an organization can best help its people absorb change, and then institutionalize that change to become a higher performing organization.  This approach of identifying impact and strategies for greater adoption, is unique and tailored to the organization. It helps the organization better plan and adapt to change, now and in the future.

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