CVP Healthcare Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

“Creating a World Class Customer Experience, One Interaction at a Time”



Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS), a long-standing CVP client, is a health insurance company offering plans under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association brand. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is a federation of 36 separate U.S. health insurance organizations and companies, providing health insurance to more than 106 million people. They also act as administrators of Medicare and provide coverage to state government employees and federal government employees under a nationwide option of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Business Issue

In 2016, BCBSKS determined it wanted to do right by its members at a much higher level every day. They recognized that “business as usual” would not cut it in the ever-emerging customer-driven world. It was clear that companies had to deliver faster, better service, and create an overall customer experience that delighted customers so much that these same customers would want to share that experience with others. Accomplishing this feat is easier said than done.

Building a customer-centric company depends, first and foremost, on building a customer-centric culture. It requires a shift at the grass roots level in which every process, procedure, and decision is viewed through the lens of the customer. BCBSKS wanted to create this type of culture shift and felt there was no better place to get started than in their contact center. They wanted each member’s experience with their contact center to not just be good, but to be truly memorable for all of the right reasons. Recognizing they needed expert help to create this positive change, BCBSKS engaged CVP.


CVP conducted a Customer Experience (CX) current state assessment in order to determine what approaches and elements in the contact center were promoting a positive customer experience, and what elements were detracting from it. After running diagnostics against the data collected, CVP designed a set of initiatives to move toward Customer Experience optimization. To ensure the provided recommendations were successfully implemented, a BCBSKS CX Task Force was formed. The established core initiatives focused on Scorecard, Calibration and Appeals, Help Desk, Reporting Insight, Hybrid Coaching Model, and QA Coaching Voice. The CX Task Force held bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress, remove barriers, answer questions, and seek guidance/provide direction on next steps. CVP assisted individual teams and moved them toward a successful completion of this initiative.

Concurrently, the CX Task Force, guided by CVP, designed a new guideline for phone and written interactions, which completely focused on delivering a world class customer experience. This new, one-page form replaced an unmanageable 10+ page handbook (complete with check boxes). The new, shorter form provided branded language as guidance to assist Customer Experience Representatives with their calls. The guidance helped BCBSKS representatives better engage with customers, and instilled trust as they worked the calls through to resolution.

In 2017, the CX Task Force continued to hold bi-weekly meetings and established sub-teams. CVP supported this development through attendance at bi-weekly meetings and continuous addition of CX initiatives for the constantly changing environment and customer needs. These initiatives provided an omni-channel approach across the telephone call center, web sales, web self-service, push messaging, and the implementation of a Centralized Customer Database (CCDB) to house all member information.

The CX Task Force was key in delivering on BCBSKS’s vision “to provide quality customer experiences and maximize value for our customers.” Furthermore, the CX Task Force helped overcome challenges such as getting everyone behind the new approach and truly creating a culture shift. These initiatives, along with the creation of the Task Force, put the customer back at the “center” of the contact center operational model.


The CX strategies CVP helped to implement not only restored the true intent of putting the customer first, it changed the mindset and culture for those on the front line. As a result of these efforts, BCBSKS regained their foothold of being a top performing Blue, increased First Call Resolution rates, achieved the distinction of “World Class” from SQM Group in 2016 and 2017, and realized an increase in employee morale and a significant decrease in employee attrition.

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