CVP to Support Customs and Border Control in Automating Personnel Security Checks

Nov 2, 2017 | Contract Award, News Release

Fairfax, Virginia, November 2, 2017 — CVP, a strategy and technology consulting company, has been selected  by the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to provide IT support for the Cornerstone program under the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Over the four-year term of the contract, CVP will maintain and enhance a range of existing automated solutions for processing employment background investigations and related services. Cornerstone is a CBP-owned and -managed data system that serves as the central conduit in the flow of information to and from customers and data sources associated with employment background checks.

The Federal Government’s standard background investigation process required re-adjudication of clearances every 7-10 years. Now, that approach is giving way to a new model called “Continuous Evaluation,” which automatically triggers reassessment of security clearances more frequently based on event-driven criteria.

CVP will provide OPR and its partners with effective systems support, including laying the foundation of data architecture to underpin reliable, trusted, and clean services, developing applications that rely on modular design and secure web services, and reducing cost of operations and maintenance through enhancements. CVP will be drawing on lessons learned in doing similar work for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the Department of State.

“Having confidence that federal employees and contractors involved in protecting our Nation’s borders are suitable and trustworthy is critically important,” says Tracy Denny, CVP’s VP of Federal Solutions.  “Insider security threats are among the most significant vulnerabilities that Federal agencies must address. We welcome the opportunity to contribute new perspectives and innovative solutions to meet this challenge.”

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