CVP Expands Four Practices

Business Transformation

Navigating Change to Achieve Measurable Outcomes

Technology Modernization

Navigating Change Through Modernization

Data Science & Engineering

Navigating Change Through Informed Insights


Navigating Change Through Continuous Threat Vigilance


Meet the CVPros in the Cybersecurity Practice

Meet the Data Science & Engineering CVPros


CVPros-Bus Transformation

Meet the Business Transformation CVPros

Meet the Technology Modernization CVPros

CVPros Slider-Tech Modernization

The DHA’s EBMS program, led by CVP, has been recognized as a 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation Award recipient

ACT-IAC's 2019 Igniting Innovation Awards

Maryland Technology Council

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning and Automation in Cybersecurity: Part Two in a Three-Part Series on Navigating Change in Cybersecurity.

Your Big Data System in the Cloud: Getting it Right From the Start (Part Two in a Three-Part Series On Navigating Change in Data Science and Engineering)

Your Big Data System in the Cloud

CVP prepares for a culture of Continuous Change by innovating strategies and solutions that allow our clients to make decisions quicker so they can innovate faster.

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Change happens. Continuously.

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