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Ensuring Citizen Safety

The combination of tomorrow’s threats coupled with budget realities is forcing managers to think out-of-the-box to come up with viable solutions. CVP’s Homeland Security Division is the engine behind our solutions. This division serves government clients whose primary mission is ensuring the safety and security of citizens.

CVP's homeland security modules provide tremendous value along the way - from the assessment of current practices to developing a roadmap and implementing improvements. Our record of innovation and successful, high-quality client outcomes of managing large-scale, complex, multi-stakeholder programs – on-time and under-budget – will reduce costs and ensure enduring capabilities for our government customers, ultimately improving citizen safety through the following solutions:

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“Right after the hurricane, we felt like we were drowning. Most of the consultants spent six months basically describing the water. Your team, on the other hand, dispenses with ceremony. They roll up their sleeves, say ‘We’re going to save this’ and then when it’s all done they show us how to swim.”

– Policy Director, State Governor’s Staff

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