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The challenges and constraints the Education field must address are broad and significant. Chief among these are Policy issues, Performance Management, Research and Assessment techniques and tools, and Program Administration and Implementation.

  • Policy – CVP understands the significance of policy changes and their impact on program outcomes. The importance of education-related policy, whether existing or proposed, requires an assembly of the best minds to debate the issues surrounding decisions. Whether it’s to address performance in elementary school reading and mathematics or issues related to the development of national content standards, we have at hand the staff to bring the right expertise to the table, ensuring your agency or organization has the information needed to modify, enact, or implement policy.
  • Performance – CVP has extensive experience in the education field in the development, implementation, and support for the measurement, analysis, and management of programmatic performance. Our capabilities extend from the evaluation of an individual program’s performance, up through the aggregative assessment of all programs in fulfillment of external performance requirements, key among these being those driven by the Government Performance Results Act (GPRA). We also have extensive experience in the development of internally driven performance requirements that assure alignment with the organization’s overarching vision, mission, and goals.


  • Research and Assessment – CVP’s education team has demonstrated a high level of expertise and innovation in assessment design and has direct experience working on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) and more than 30 high stakes assessments during the past three years. We have specific proficiency in psychometric and statistical analysis compatible with current and previous NAEP methodologies and experience related to instrument development, production, distribution, retrieval, processing, and reporting.
  • Program Administration and Implementation – CVP offers demonstrated expertise in providing program management and technical assistance to states in program administration and implementation. Our experience in organizational design, change management, outreach, training, and project/program management has assisted agencies in designing and improving the quality of the performance measurement process, performance data, and the system and method by which data are collected.

CVP maintains key partnerships with individuals and firms that have deep expertise in the field of education. These relationships complement our policy, performance analysis, and program evaluation qualifications and allow us to offer a broad range of products and services to meet the mission requirements of any Education-related agency or organization. CVP provides a powerful combination of professional skills and education-related experience. Our proven approach for meeting customer requirements and our ability to manage complex programs in a timely and effective manner offers the greatest value for your education organization.


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