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Government agencies are rethinking how they operate, offering better service to citizens, and focusing on outcomes and accountability.

While much has been done in improving the quality of citizen interaction through IVR, Web and other self-service methods, information accuracy is still a large source of dissatisfaction, according to a recent GAO report on Federal contact centers. With increased scrutiny on private-contractor managed contact centers, the challenge remains: how to continue to leverage commercial practices for improved citizen service while ensuring a high degree of government oversight, performance management, and ultimately, secure information exchange.

CVP helps government executives charged with response management execute their initiatives with innovative, low-cost solutions that not only achieve a new level of communications, but help manage tight budgets and keep information secure. And we ensure an enduring capability for your organization through comprehensive training and knowledge transfer.

The result?

CVP helps Government executives become more efficient and effective. Our experience in citizen care, coupled with our expertise in commercial best practices and ability to leverage the latest in information technology, have allowed us to help a wide variety of government agencies with help desk initiatives, independent quality monitoring for multi-channel contact centers, change management strategy, training and outreach programs, Information Security, and Program Management Office solutions. 

Government-wide Contracts
Prime Contracts Subcontracts
GSA Vehicles
  • Alliant (under SRA)
  • CIO-SP3 (under Hygeia Solution Partners, LLC)

Department-specific Contracts
Prime Contracts Subcontracts
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • FEMA NCP PAMSS (under SRA)
  • TABSS (under SRA)
Department of State (DOS) Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • DS CTO IT Solution Analytical and Technical Support
    BPA GS00T13AJA7007
  • VA VRM (under SRA)
  • Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology (T4)
    (Large under SRA; Small under various)
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
  • FSIS BPA AG-3A94-B-09-001
  • RMF BPA AG-3142-B-12-0004
  • DISA ONE (under Link Solutions)
State of New Jersey Services for Disaster Recovery  
  • 84040 (Hurricane Sandy)

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