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Why do so many projects fail to deliver? Our experience would indicate that at the root of failure is a lack of understanding of an organization’s readiness for the scope of the changes envisioned by large, enterprise-wide initiatives, as well as an incomplete definition of the objectiives and scope of each initiative.

Our approach is simple. We perform diagnostics specific to your organization, which drive the definition and selection of improvement programs and strategies. Our belief in "scoping-down" projects to match your organization's ability to digest and execute these programs forces the project team to build the future vision in bite-sized steps. Being successful on smaller projects allows the organization to develop a success rhythm, building its ability to take on increasingly complex change over a longer period.

At the heart of our approach lie four critical principles:

  • Voice of Customer - To drive process and technology change from the outside-in. We focus on solutions through the eyes of your customers.
  • Organizational Maturity Assessment - To understand the scope and pace of the change.
  • Prioritization - To recognize that not all changes are equal - and that we must use a portfolio-based approach that forces us to pick projects to execute based on their value and impact to the constituent base and the service organization.
  • Fact-based Analysis - Use customer data to understand the need and definition for new customer-facing services and experiences, with line-of-sight ROI definition.

Our teams are cross-trained across our solution areas - with expertise in Contact Center Transformation, Operations and Performance Management, Information Protection and Privacy, and Emerging Technologies - integrating seamlessly with your team to achieve your ultimate goal of optimizing value for your organization.

Customer Value Partners’ EnABLE™ Methodology

Customer Value Partners has developed a unique and specific methodology for helping clients with their customer issues. The up-front strategy analysis and program management methodologies that are used in 80% of our projects have evolved through the experiences of the CVP leadership team.

Our core tool set is included in our proprietary EnABLE™ methodology and includes:

CVP’s Maturity Model Diagnostic – a tool that evaluates the organizational readiness of a company in the context of change management.

CVP’s Customer Lifetime Value Model – an advanced modeling tool that models churn, value, and customer profile to develop a statistically significant profile of customer lifetime value.

CVP’s Contact Center Assessment Diagnostic – a tool that evaluates an organization’s contact center based on quality, customer experience, and performance.

CVP’s Customer Experience and Quality Monitoring Service – a service that we provide clients to help them improve the quality of their contact centers through monthly contact center calibrations, training, and coaching.

EnABLE™ methodology
Customer Value Partners’ EnABLE™ Methodology