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Client Testimonials


“We owe you so much for all of your coaching and mentoring during this transition. I am so excited about all of the changes, and what those changes will bring to our employees. Your team has inspired me to look outside the box, and find new ways to effectively lead my team. I cannot thank you enough for the valuable tools and support system you have provided to our department. I'm being modest when I say I am pleased to know you will be extending your stay with us! Thank you for all your gifts, even those that have taken us a while to swallow! (Actually, those are probably the best ones!)”

– Supervisor, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Organization


“[CVP did] such an outstanding job in leading our RFP effort to select a new IVR platform. You and your team acted in a very professional manner and brought all parties together to understand and embrace the entire process. This is one of the few examples where every member of our internal team, from the IT developers, to the support personnel, to the business owner, had an admiration and respect for the way this type of engagement was handled. We look forward to partnering with you and your team in future endeavors. You certainly were able to put your best foot forward.”

– VP Alternative Delivery Systems, Large Community Bank


“The CLV model that CVP developed helped revolutionize our approach to marketing analytics by identifying the characteristics of our most valuable customers. Their guidance helped us drive specific action to reduce churn and leverage resources to target specific populations. The process has been extremely impactful, and we're introducing it to all customer-facing employees.”

– SVP Marketing and Care, Mobile Wireless Carrier

“Under all circumstances, CVP puts their client first. They strive to do what is right and what makes the most business sense for their customers. They are not interested in selling additional services their customers do not need. CVP brings honesty and service-driven services to their clients - a rare quality in business today.”

– Director of Partner Marketing, Top Five Internet and Media Company


“CVP acted seamlessly with our team and took on our challenges as their own.”

– President and COO, Leading Digital Education and Literacy Platform Provider


“We appreciated [CVP's] professionalism, responsiveness, business-technology expertise and ability to support us in identifying new markets of opportunity, develop and refine market solutions, and assist our teams in advocating the solution to the marketplace.”

– EVP Operations and Technology, Leading Mobile Business Platform Provider


“[CVP is] very focused on doing what it takes to get the job done on time. [they] produce high quality of work with innovative ideas in short period of time.”

– Deputy Program Manager, Division of the Armed Forces


“CVP is providing us a highly valuable set of services on a visible and political national stage.”

– Director, Enterprise Database Group, Health Insurance Organization

“We have been very fortunate to have the expertise of [Customer Value Partners] to assist us in learning to do what we do better - to provide the highest quality service in the most efficient manner. We have learned so much, we have made many changes already and we are indeed seeing positive results.”

– Director Member Relations, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Organization

CVP's Clients – Success Stories